World’s Largest Human Rainbow


 World’s Largest Human Rainbow


Rainbow has been an apparent symbolism for the LGBT community. And speaking of rainbow, did you know that there is a record for world’s largest human rainbow? Yes, indeed! Bakla po ako kaya na-amaze ako ng makita ko ito!



The largest human rainbow consisted of 30,365 participants, organized by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines at the Qurino Grandstand, Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines on 18 September 2004.


To add up, it is not actually Philippines (PUP in general) which first attempted such feat. Here are some of the records set from the very first up until PUP’s:


  • In 1997, 6,444 people formed a human rainbow at Transco Tower Park, Houston, Texas, United States.


(I cannot find any photo in Google about this, though.)


  • On October 6, 2002, 11,273 Hong Kong Polytechnic University staff, students, alumni, friends and families united together and set a new world record. All wearing T-shirts and caps in seven rainbow colours, they formed the largest Human Rainbow in the world. This historic event, held in celebration of Hong Kong Polytechnic University 65th anniversary, aimed to raise fund for the University, the Children’s Cancer Foundation and The Hong Kong Society for the Aged.


HK's attempt.
HK’s attempt.


  • On November 15, 2003, 11,750 individuals assembled in Floriana, Malta to break the record. The Prime Minister of Malta, Eddie Fenech Adami and members of the opposition also joined in. The money which was raised from the participants went to 23 different charity institutions.


Malta's attempt.
Malta’s attempt.

At dahil ngayon ko lang ito nalaman, congratulations PUP for such an amazing feat!


Ganda di ba? And dahil bakla po ako, pasok ito sa banga!


 World’s Largest Human Rainbow

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