Uganda “Unlikes” Facebook Ceasation Hoax

Uganda "unlikes" Facebook hoax.
Uganda "unlikes" Facebook hoax.

Uganda "unlikes" Facebook hoax.

Uganda “Unlikes” Facebook Cessation Hoax

February 24, 2014, marks one of the saddest and most cruel days in the LGBT community especially in the minority of Uganda as President Yoweri Museveni signed the anti-gay bill into law. And what’s more aggravating is the hoax about Facebook ceasing operation in Uganda, a big “unlike” to the LGBT community if it was true.


There were some African news reports with an alleged statement from Facebook’s chief operating office regarding this matter.


According to reports, Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer, was quoted ‘When we launched Facebook, we thought it as a platform to advance people’s rights and liberties of self-expression in all form. We were equally shocked to learn that Uganda as a country had gone ahead to sign the Anti-Homosexuality bill into a law.’


‘Facebook is currently reviewing its engagement to Uganda, as we seek to come up with a voice to express our dissatisfaction.’


‘And of course, suspending our operations in Uganda is one of the options we are considering. In the event that we suspend operations in Uganda, our platforms of Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp will be off for a time we shall deem necessary.’


She ‘added’: ‘We strongly condemn the act of the Ugandan Government to overstep the rights of a minority.


‘All humans are created equal and deserve a right to freedom and happiness.’


But such statement was proven to be a hoax and not from the company. A good news for every LGBT in Uganda.


It was indeed a relief not just for the LGBT in Uganda but also for supporters all over the world like me. We cannot deny the fact that Facebook, as one of the social media giants in the world, has helped so much in spreading the words of a certain advocacy. One very good example that we can think of in the Philippines was the dethronement of Bb. Pilipinas 2010, Maria Venus Raj. After so many clamors from netizens, especially from the gay community, the crown was reinstated to her. And I hope that the same fate will happen to the Uganda. We hope that every gay Ugandan will be able to post a status like “I ni mashoga” (Bakla po ako) without being subject to scrutiny and ostracism.


Get to know more about the anti-law bill in Uganda. Click here.


Uganda “Unlikes” Facebook Cessation Hoax

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