Straight-Gay Friendship? Possible!

Straight-Gay Friendship? Possible!

The friendship of women with gay men has been such a cliché in our present society. We have Vice Ganda-Anne Curtis and Kris Aquino-Boy Abunda to say that least. But let’s admit it, it’s quite hard to look for gay-straight men friendship within reach for the reason that it’s just quite hard to look for it or to make it. And yet, even though we have different notions about such kind of friendship, we will surely know about a gay friend or straight men who will defy the maxim that such friendship doesn’t exist.


Obviously, our society today has been aware of the gay world because of the many movements made by the past decades leading to laws against discrimination, marriage equality and the like. In the Philippines alone, it’s a good thing that most straight people, even men, have no big deal having gay friends. In fact, the most liberal-minded people nowadays are seen to have gay friends in their circle.


On the other hand, some straight men are still very wary of having gays around them. For the most part, they have this notion that gays are just hitting on them. In the context of male-female, it’s called taking advantage or “chancing.” Then the “sexual” things would enter. But that’s just way too wrong. This is probably on the biggest stereotypes of all time.


Not all gay men are up to having sex with straight guys. I, for once, am very particular about this. Yes, bakla po ako, but I never bothered to make the first move with a straight guy in making friends with them or communicating with them. I don’t want to arouse their homophobia by me making the first move. Never!


Pop culture also showed us how gay men have grown from the stereotype to what we know now as “pahminta” or “paminta.” One of the best examples that we can take note of is the roles of Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez in “My Husband’s Lover” on this specific case. They naturally act as straight men but are in love with their own kind — obviously, a very common taboo in the province settings in the Philippines.


But even though gay men are more in tune in having more female friends compared with women, gay men, and straight men can still jive about fashion and if they look OK. Another common ground which tightens the loose bond of gay men and straight men is women. Straight men can really bank on the pieces of advice of gay men since we are not competition. Also, straight men can really count on gay men since the latter can see difference perspective of the equation.


We are already in a modern society where yesterday’s taboos are but just common and acceptable things in today’s daily lives. We can no longer see too much gap between those that were divided because of superiority or those teachings that are being misunderstood for a thousand of years. Gay-straight friendship? Oh well, that’s possible.



Straight-gay friendship? Possible.


Straight-Gay Friendship? Possible!

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