Parallelism: Hunger Games And AIDS

Parallelism: Hunger Games And AIDS

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is probably one of the best novels I ever read that made violence a quality of life. Loud bangs from the cannon imply the death of a tribute during the games. Those noises I imaginarily play in my head are like the clamors I hear during a death of a victim of AIDS. And just like Hunger Games, the sound of cannons banging for AIDS victims is quite loud that marks the end of the next tribute. Are you next?



It’s such a hard reality that we gay men must accept that as of October 2013, 491 HIV/AIDS cases in the Philippines, which is 66% higher compared last year in the same month. And out of these numbers, there are 461 males! And to set the records, 86% of this is derived from males having sex with other males (MSM).


Lately, I have been seeing posts from my friends in FB condoling acquaintances (most of them young bisexuals and gays) because of a very unlikely and untimely death. To my curiosity, I always check some comments about what the cause may be. Most comments are euphemisms and somewhat a kind of “pahapyaw” about AIDS. And you know for a fact that they die because of “it.” It is not related to any vehicular accident or because of old age. It is because of a sudden sickness that left them with no choice but to die young.



It’s alarming, I know. And every consoling friend to these AIDS sufferers are constant reminders that we are in a Hunger Games’ arena that, from time to time, deafening bangs from cannons will be heard as each “tribute” for this disease dies without a “weapon” from the cornucopia. Paralleling the cornucopia in our present society is the constant reminder by the government and those private citizens who are advocating for HIV/AIDS awareness.



I just wonder how long will the LGBT community, specifically gays and bisexual, be freed from such kind of arena or if not fully emancipated, at least alleviated from the mushy quicksand of HIV/AIDS?


We are not controlled by a government like how tributes for the Hunger Games were. And we are not obliged to volunteer to be in the “games” like Katniss Everdeen did. We are on our own in this battle. We are given the choice and information about such kind of “game” that we will be in. I hope one day that I will no longer read continuous condolences of life not lived to the fullest because of AIDS. I hope and pray that we will die because of old age. I hope to live in a society that’s alive with young and seasoned LGBT coloring rainbows there and everywhere. I hope and pray that the lost lives be a lesson that anyone of us can be “tributes.” And that we can stop or avoid the cannons from banging or would you just lend a deaf ear?


Parallelism: Hunger Games And AIDS

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