How To Throw A Fabulous Gay Birthday Party

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If we gays know how to do something, that’s binge-watching a TV show, being hellishly funny and throwing the most fabulous parties ever. If you let us choose the music, the party becomes more fabulous than ever. However, not every single gay guy knows how to do this, and this is why we’re here to help. Gotta help a sister out, right? Anyhow, jokes aside, no matter if you’re gay or straight, it’s important to know how to throw a good birthday party. Take a look at our tips on how to throw one of the best gay parties ever – keep your mind open and think about all the different possibilities that you can incorporate!

Make a blueprint of the event

The first thing you need to do is make a blueprint of the event. This means that you want to make sure you know all the details before you actually start planning. This includes the date (it is very important to choose this first and to let people know to save it for this party) and whether or not you want the birthday boy to know you’re throwing him a party. If you are throwing yourself one, then you can skip this! Apart from that, try to find a good venue for this event. This could either be someone’s home or, even better, garden (a pool party, perhaps?), or, if you want to be extra bold, you can rent something out. However, bear in mind that you have to do this a bit earlier as all good venues disappear very quickly.

Find yo’ theme

It’s not a gay birthday party if there is no theme to it. And this is perhaps the most interesting part of planning a birthday party. There are so many different ways to find your theme, but have in mind that it needs to be sexy. You cannot just expect gay guys to come to a 1700s-inspired birthday party (or if they come, they will probably wear nothing but a top hat), so yes – keep it sexy. You can always go with the Arabian Nights theme, as not only is it super sexy, but you can also use perks that such a theme carries with it. Opting, for example, for shisha delivery is a great way to make this party more interesting. If you don’t want to go oriental, you can opt for an ‘80s Europop theme and have everyone come in the shortest shorts ever. Killing two birds with one stone – finding a theme and seeing plenty of legs.

Wining, dining, sixty-nining

So, what is the thing your guests will be coming for? To see the birthday boy? Well, partially. But they will also be coming because of the booze and the food. This is why you have to plan this in advance, but there are ways in which you can make this easier for yourself. Opting for cocktails, for example, is a great way to make any party more interesting. You can also buy alcohol online and thus save time by not going to the store. Book a good mixologist or someone who knows how to make good cocktails and let them take care of the bar. As far as the food is concerned, nobody will be coming just to eat, but you need to have something. This is why it’s good to opt for finger food – it’s tasty, light, and everyone likes it. As for the sixty-nining part, you will have to solve this by yourself, but if you throw the gayest party of them all, you probably won’t have any problems making this happen!

As you can see, it’s not only easy to throw a gay birthday party, it’s also a lot of fun. You should only think outside of the box, play the gayest songs and find inspiration there. We all love great parties, and this is your chance to make one that will be remembered forever. Be original, and never be boring!

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