How to Dress Cool for an LGBT Wedding

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In a world like this, love should be celebrated often and a lot, regardless of sexual orientation. LGBT weddings might not happen that often, but you never know when you might be searching for your perfect outfit–in case you get an invitation. As we all know, gay men are usually very fashion-forward and you mustn’t make them feel sorry for inviting you to their big day. Also, don’t forget that you’re not allowed to steal their spotlight even if you didn’t mean to. There’s no room for three actual divas in the venue, so leave your best outfit for some other occasion. If you’re having second thoughts on what you should be wearing, just be you, do you and make some colors pop big time. We’ve listed a few outfit ideas you might want to consider before you get an actual invitation, if you ever happen to be invited at first place.


How’s MY tie?

If you and your BFF gay friend share a special bond, the one that Carrie and Stanford had, then you should totally go with a ‘yin to my yang’ concept. If the groom/bride is wearing a white tuxedo with a silky white bow tie, then you should go with a perfectly tailored black tuxedo, white shirt, and a black bow tie. Oh, and don’t forget to put on a single detail that is totally your trademark, like a black crown or a mad hatter hat. It might not be your party, but you can sure cry over other people’s poor fashion choices.


Pridemaid colors

The bridesmaid dress code should be fun, and you can always go with the rainbow color palette. Distribute the color of their preference to each girl, and let them choose their own dress length. Since this type of wedding represents freedom, your guests should be able to decide their perfect fit.


Love me a good theme

Themed weddings are increasing in popularity and everybody likes to jump in a different role from time to time. It’s always fun to be someone that you’re not, so consider yourself lucky if you ever witness themed weddings. These days, famous TV shows like GoT, Vikings or even cult movies like Mamma Mia, Great Gatsby, and Mean Girls could be implemented. Also, many people prefer vintage themed parties, like throwing it way back to the ‘60s or ‘70s, channeling Hollywood’s golden era movies or bringing back the retro vibes in some of the rockabilly dresses which were once very popular in the USA. If you ever opt for this type of outfit, don’t forget to accessorize your game with some old-timey sunnies and Sadie style headbands.


Maxi dresses and polka dots

A maxi dress is a perfect way to make your silhouette look skinnier, and trust me, your gay friend would appreciate it a lot. This season, popular maxi dress styles are those that resemble negligees, made of silky material, with a little lace and tiny straps. Pair them with some elegant strappy heeled sandals and you’re going to look bomb! Also, is there a better way to show up at a wedding than wearing a ladylike floral dress? As groundbreaking as it sounds, everybody loves to see their guests bringing happy vibes in the form of flowers. As for the hair, beach waves are more than welcome, and don’t forget to put on the boldest lipstick you have, like red or purple. Also, a striking yellow polka dot dress goes a long way, especially if you are tanned, which is a deadly combo.

Having these tips in mind, you’ll surely be the coolest guest at an LGBT wedding, and pray that one is going to happen very soon.

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