Gay’s Holy Week Abstinence: Awra Ngayon, Sex Later?

Gay’s Holy Week Abstinence: Awra Ngayon, Sex Later?


While others are earnestly praying the rosary, some are kneeling in devotion with the “god” they fell in love with. Some are kneeling, against their “gods,” bent forward receiving pleasurable thrust from behind. What a wonderful way to celebrate the Holy Week.
Note: I cannot speak on behalf of what the straight people are doing because, in the first place, I am not straight.
It’s Good Friday now. And I am here taking a quiet moment on my bed with Facebook. By running a T-shirt printing for LGBT and a gay news website, it is but proper for me to reach my audience (LGBT-specifically gays men) by joining gay groups where I do my promotions. My news feeds today are not the usual status updates that I usually receive. There are plenty of devotion quotes about the Holy Week, Jesus Christ and deliverance. On the other hand, there are also those (from these gay pages) posting nude photos or posting invites for sex dates and trips. Then I wondered, kapag semana santa ba tumitigil rin ang awra?
Here are some of the things I saw this very Good Friday.


Who's up to for these invites?
Who’s up to for these invites?


These are all taken this Good Friday.
These are all taken this Good Friday.


Here are also some photos I saw from my news feeds from a gay group that I usually post my promotions for our T-shirts.





Gay men as we are, we are the kings of sex. And we must be proud of it. However, we are also governed by something over our dominion. I am not coming out as clean nor am I throwing stones towards my gay brothers and sisters. But I think we should also respect what this holiday is all about and not take advantage of it to make sex trips or bookings. Then I realized that maybe our notion as gay men about abstinence in this very holy moment of commemorating Jesus’ sacrifices is awra ngayon, sex later. Are we just going to abstain from eating meat or also abstain from those “meat” we never eat that only reaches our throat…deep throat?


Gay’s Holy Week Abstinence: Awra Ngayon, Sex Later?

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