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I used to hide in my closet that has been already filled with too many skeletons. And I knew too well the phases of being in denial of being free from so many restrictions of being gay. Trust me, I know how the saying “the truth will set you free but at first, it will make you miserable” feels like.

I went out of the closet. The skeletons were then cremated not into ashes but metamorphosed to glitter and hope. And I suddenly felt that I am eventually free.

I have been advocating for the LGBT community since I was in college. It all started with my thesis. Then I went to face the “real life” after graduation and fought against the whims of society.

By immersing myself in the LGBT community, it is as if I am seeing a pendulum of love and death. Some are getting married even though same-sex marriage isn’t allowed (YET) here in the Philippines while others die instantly of a known reason that most would rather not talk about, HIV. Through this blog, I hope to impart the message that anyone of us can have HIV. Any hetero, or gay or bisexual can acquire it. Not only the minority within a minority. It doesn’t discriminate. And in this regard, it must be open to the public so the more that we are educated about it, we avoid hate and stigma towards it and the people affected by it.

The only reason why I made this website answers the question if we are not going to work for our own, who else will?


Bakla Po Ako was made March of 2014.

Owner: Joemar A. Belleza

Date created: March 2014


  1. HIV awareness campaigns – with the rise of HIV cases every month in the Philippines, especially in the MSM community, it is just but proper for us to make our readers aware of it. Hopefully, we will be able to remove the stigma of the mob against HIV by informing them about the disease, making a positive outlook for PLHIV and promoting ways on how negative stay as what they are.
  2. LGBT Issues – if we will not speak on our behalf, nobody else will. Through the blog, we address issues involving the LGBT community and the problems that we face within the community as well. We wish to empower the community and also point out some loopholes if there is a need. Through the blog, we would also feature events that are connected and that affects our community. If not really connected, we try as much as we could to find a way to parallel topics so it can be featured on our website.
  3. The purchasing power of the pink peso – many businesses and brands fail to see the untapped purchasing power of the pink market because of just tolerating the LGBT community instead of fully accepting it. More so, discrimination of the LGBT made the rear window of the economy foggy on what the pink peso can do. The blog wishes to translate sales on existing brands and what the LGBT  can benefit from in two-way communication through features and reviews that we are going to present in here.

The Pink Peso is coated Gold.

Being a business owner for a year already, I can say that the pink peso moves the economy. These people are willing to pay for services that they need (ex. Same sex couple shirts, LGBT-theme shirts, etc). Remove the LGBT from the society and surely it will face its demise. How can you not consider the LGBT entertainers, business owners, executives, celebrities and even politicians who are spending a fortune for their vanity?

– Joemar Belleza

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Top Blogs PH: #7 as of April (our highest ranking was #1 taking over the different porn sites that we wish to take down with intelligent guides for LGBT). The blog has been ranked #1 twice for 2015 and 0nce for 2016.  It has been consistently included in Top 10 rankings in Top Blogs PH under Community and Groups making it the only gay blog with no pornographic content in it. 

Other Media Appearance

On its first year, Bakla Po Ako or simply BPA has been featured for GMA News TV’s “Brigada” on its Nov 17, 2015 text scam segment.

Also, BPA contributed to GMA News Online for HIV awareness campaigns in the Philippines.

Moreover, the blog has been as a reference to one of our in-depth surveillances through of a “homophobic” bar in Philippine Star as well as The Philippine Inquirer (Preen).

On October, the author was also invited to be one of the panelists for Digital Filipino’s Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2015 speaking about “Pro Bloggers As Online Lead Generators and Propagators.” This is so because of the blog’s continuous and incessant pursuit of changing the game of the LGBT scheme specifically in content creation and promotion of the purchasing power of the pink peso.

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Reposted from Digital Filipino From personal opinions, product reviews, press briefings, media coverage, a growing number of probloggers today are getting into “online lead generation”. In this session, panelist Joemz Belleza of Bakla Po Ako. Confirmed will exchange insights on what works and practical tips for those wanting to get into it. The Digital Influencers Marketing Summit (7th edition) is scheduled on October 10, 2015 at BEST WESTERN PLUS Antel Hotel. We are also launching the Digital Influencers Network in this event where members will be part of its regular online / offline coaching / learning sessions, showcase events in different parts of the country, Limited seats only. Sign-up at http://influencerbootcamp.digitalfilipino.com/…/digital-in…/ #dimsummit

In addition, BaklaPoAko.Com was also one of the speakers for the iBlog: The 11th Philippine Blogging Summit at the University of the Philippines College of Law last December 6, 2015.

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If you have questions, proposals for features and reviews, events invitations, queries about HIV, speaking engagements for the said niches, and other concern regarding the website, you can just post fill up the form below and we will be happy to serve.

We arouse your mind and not just your “head.”

Joemar Belleza
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