A Proof Of How Just Talented Gay Children Are

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A Proof Of How Just Talented Gay Children Are


Every day we are bombarded with bad news here and there: heavy traffic, killings everywhere, etc. Well, after all, a bad news is good news. But isn’t it a breath of fresh air to see something good in the world despite what’s happening around us?


Well, take this video taken by Darla Perez which became viral dated November 11, 2016. The nearly 6-minute video shows young gay children dancing to Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too” in a Ms. Universe-ish production number.



I even saw this on my timeline reshared plenty of times. And one of my professors in college said in his caption that instead of dabbling in drugs and sniffing rugby, children, especially boys, should consider this as a hobby. And actually, it does make sense. Why should we even prohibit children to express themselves through dancing and immerse themselves in the arts? It will make them better citizens and avoid them from doing things that most people who are not on their sane mind would do to feel “sane.”


Anyway, such video only shows how creative gay children and gays in general are. And that we can really  do something to alleviate the negativities in the world. We wouldn’t be called “gay” for nothing, after all.  Right? Right!


A Proof Of How Just Talented Gay Children Are

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