A Gay Couple’s Guide to Home Decor

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Well, guys, if you are thinking of decorating your own home, that means that you are either married or that you decided to live together, both of which ideas are amazing, and congratulations! Anyhow, let’s not forget that we are gay after all, and the interior design matters a lot. Even if it doesn’t, we have to meet the expectations and actually invest some time in trying to make the most comfortable home that you can. But, some people have less interior design skills than other people, and since it is our job to support each other, take a look at some of the ideas and things you need to bear in mind before decorating your own home.

A good color palette

First things first – let’s talk about colors. Colors are extremely important – the right color can either make or break any look. This is why it would be very wise to try and think about what color your walls should be. The best option would be white or beige, but this depends a lot on the lighting as well. If you have plenty of natural light, beige walls will be amazing. However, if you think that you could use some extra lighting, then you might want to choose white for the walls just to create that illusion of a light room. Apart from that, think of the color that you want to pop out. This could be any bright color, or even several of them – you can literally go crazy with this.

Speaking of lighting

Lighting is incredibly important. If your home has plenty of windows and natural light, you might not need plenty of lamps around the house. On the contrary, if you need some extra help with this, you can use LED lamps that best mimic natural light. One amazing way to add light during the night and in the late afternoons is by featuring plenty of candles around the house. Not only do they smell nice and look even nicer, but they can also create that great atmosphere and affect the lighting in a positive way. If you’re thinking candles, then you want 100% natural candles, such as the tealights that are very popular today and they also give out an amazing scent, thus making your home much more comfortable. It is definitely something you want to have by your side. You can also have plenty of lamps around the house if this is something that you want, but make sure what kind of bulbs you use, as not all of them emit good light.

Tech matters

Contrary to popular belief, yes, gays are into technology. And since this proves how much you follow trends and how important new trends are to you, you would need to invest a bit into the technology in your new home. This does cost a bit more, but having a smart home is indeed the latest trend, and it is extremely user-friendly. You can have a new LCD smart TV and enviable sound system, you can also add certain game gadgets if you want to, or even make a small cinema in your own home. Locking and unlocking your door from your iPhone, or tackling the temperature in your living room from an app is actually a great and very cool perk. 

Time for greenery

Finally, do not forget to incorporate as many plants as you can. It doesn’t matter what style you choose – minimalism, maximalism, retro – all of these go well with nice house plants. It also doesn’t matter if you have a green thumb or not. You can find amazing plants that are very user-friendly and low-maintenance and still make your home look comfortable and very cool. In some rare cases, you can opt for artificial plants and flowers, but bear in mind that they look artificial more often than not (so you would really want something that is very realistic), and if you’re into Fen Shui, then you know that it is not recommended to have artificial plants in your home. After all, not only will you be making your home greener and more pleasant to spend time in, but you will take care of the environment in your own, small way.

Decorating your home is always extremely fun. Yes, it does mean spending more money, and investing in different things, but it will pay off in the end as you will spend some of the most beautiful days with your partner there. This is why you should do whatever you can to create the best love nest you can. 

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