5 Ways To Jump Start A Healthy Change In Your Life

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As we go through this amazing thing called life, there are times when the going gets rough and we need to sit down and reevaluate our choices and lifestyle habits. After all, what is life if we’re in status quo and not doing anything to become the best possible version of ourselves? Our mental, spiritual and physical health lie in our hands, and we need to take absolute responsibility for the state we find ourselves in. Yes, people will disappoint us, lovers will leave, but we are the ones who control how much the negatives affect us. Therefore, it’s time to reclaim yourself and jump start every aspect of your health. It may seem incredibly difficult, but practice (and consistency) makes perfect. So, if you commit to and stick to these five hacks, your life is bound to change for the better. Enormously better.

A better person

Believe it or not, striving towards goodness and being a better person is one of the most crucial steps towards achieving the ultimate health in every way. When your soul feels good and your conscience is clear, you will inevitably become not only mentally and spiritually but also physically healthier. The stress of holding on to bitterness, pettiness, judgment and similar negative feelings only serves to burden your soul, so let the negative feelings go. We’ve all been betrayed by a friend or a lover, disappointed by a family member, but those are their actions, and you shouldn’t be the one stuck with the negative consequences. Choose joy instead of bitterness, love over hate, forgiveness over petty acts of revenge, and you will, if nothing else, sleep better at night, and that counts for a whole lot.  

Take the time

All of the aforementioned negative feelings can bring on such conditions as anxiety, stress and even depression. As a community, we need to pay special attention to our mental health as there are tons of reports claiming that members of the LGBT community are ‘3 times more likely to experience a mental health condition’, compared to those who consider themselves straight. Therefore, we must work even harder to maintain our mental health. So, before the bad feelings creep up on you, take up yoga and meditation – the latter has actual scientifically proven mental health benefits. However, if bad thoughts have already crept up, waste no time before you talk to a professional. Mental health is as important as physical, sometimes even more, so if therapy is what you need to cleanse the soul, then to therapy you should go.

Beyond fit

It’s no secret that our community places great emphasis on good looks. That is why gyms are filled with gay men who want to look their most ripped self. However, leading a healthy lifestyle in terms of both exercise and a healthy diet shouldn’t be motivated by the prospect of good looks alone. It’s vital that you exercise and eat only the best food for the sake of your physical health, and the good looks should only be the additional perk. There are tons of forms of physical activity and you’re bound to find one that doesn’t bore you. On top of that, eating healthy has never been easier as you can literally order organic food online and have it delivered to your door. You are literally fresh out of excuses, so change up your routines as of tomorrow.

Have some quality time

As amazing and plain fun sex with another person is, you should try to get as much action as you possibly can for other reasons as well. Namely, aside from being a mood enhancer – nothing like an orgasm to put a spring in your step – sex actually comes with an impressive set of health benefits. First of all, it provides your immune system with a huge boost. Secondly, it lowers the blood pressure, counts as exercise and keeps the heart in great shape. That being said, always make sure you practice safe sex, get tested on a regular basis and choose your partners carefully, and then let the health-boosting fun begin.

The outside

Last but not least is the health of your skin. We know better than anyone that well-cared for skin is amazing-looking and healthy skin, so if you haven’t been super committed to a correct skincare regimen for your skin type and concerns, it is high time to start. Pay a visit to a good dermatologist, find out what your skin type and therefore grooming needs are, and then go shopping for the finest products that will cater to those needs. The type of products you will use vary based on these factors, so don’t just buy anything before having a good consult. However, the one thing we all need to do is protect our skin from UVA and UVB rays. Hence, a broad-spectrum sunscreen is a definite must for all, and the rest is individual.

From body to mind, heart to soul, these habits are guaranteed to get your overall health and wellness to a state it has never been in before, so don’t be lazy and keep postponing change. The sooner you jump start your life, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits.

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