5 Best Ways to Propose to Your Partner

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Probably one of the most difficult things to plan is popping the question. Not because it’s a difficult thing to do, but because you really want to do this perfectly. This is exactly the reason why so many people opted for some of the most bizarre and unusual proposals, starting from jumping out of a helicopter, turning themselves into zombies or even proposing on a roller-coaster. However, you don’t have to go this big in order to make this the most memorable moment of your lives. Here we are, ready to help you out with five of the most popular ways to propose to your partner. This does require some hard work, originality and thinking outside of the box, but it’s very important to get the idea of how you want to pop the question for starters.


Searching for clues

One of the most original ways to pop the question is to organize a scavenger hunt for your partner. However, since you don’t want them to know you want to propose to them, it would be an excellent idea to do this for their birthday party. Think about it – first of all it’s a great alibi for the scavenger hunt, and secondly, is there a better birthday present that they would want to get? In order to organize this in the best way possible, it would be good to ask a couple of mutual friends to help you out. This could be a great proposal, especially if both of you are adventurous types. So make clues and try to hide them all around the city you’re celebrating the birthday in (Aussie metropolises like Sydney and Melbourne are great choices).


You don’t have to go big

What is also very important is that you know your partner very well. Some people like making a big fuss out of their proposal, but there are those who would prefer a much more intimate atmosphere. If this is the case with your partner, you could opt for a romantic destination where you can have a nice picnic on the beach. This is always super romantic, especially if you choose a day in the year when the weather is hot – so a summer night it is. This is a great option for all low-key couples, and remember – you don’t have to go big if you don’t want to.


Wait for Xmas

The amazing story of Cathal and Dermot really moved us all, and for a good reason. Namely, they wanted to propose to each other at the same time, which is something that doesn’t happen very often. However, they really tried to make this more interesting and this is why they chose the Xmas day to pop the question. Waiting for Xmas will make your love story much more magical, mostly because of all the mistletoes hanging around your living room and the Xmas tree lights blinking behind you.


Dinner for two

Bear in mind one thing – if something is cliché, it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Why are we telling this now? Because proposing while on a dinner for two is definitely something that’s seen too many times, but it’s still one of the most romantic ways to propose to your partner. If you’re from Australia, choosing to have dinner for two at one of the best Margaret River restaurants is a great idea. Sipping some wine and eating some of the tastiest dishes is definitely a great way to propose.


Go big or go home

Finally, as opposed to one of our tips above, there are those people who simply have to go big. And they probably love to do so, so what is the best proposal idea for them? A public profession of love is always a cute thing, so if you want to really make a big deal out of this (and we’re not saying that you shouldn’t), make sure to hire a professional photographer who will take some of the best photos of the two of you. Also, choose a good destination. It could either be an important place in your hometown, or simply a place which is very important for the two of you as a couple. Either way, if your partner loves public professions of love, they will most certainly enjoy this spontaneous proposal!


A proposal is always a very emotional and important event, so make sure that you think about everything in advance. Don’t let anything go wrong, but if you love each other very much, then who cares about the proposal, right? Good luck!

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