5 Activities That Will Make You a Better Person in 2019

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Since it’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions for 2019, it’s also important to revise 2018 and actually see how many of last year’s resolutions you succeeded to fulfill. As these resolutions are here to help you change and grow as a person, but also help you provide for yourself all those small things that you think you deserve (such as, for example, a trip to an exotic island), it’s very important that you actually include different things that don’t take a lot of hard work in order to achieve them. One such is being a better person next year, and since this is something many of us wish, these are just five of many activities that will help you achieve just that.

Learn To Let Go

Are you still coming together after a painful breakup? Are you still trying to find ways in which you will get over your past girlfriend or boyfriend? If this is the case, then the most important activity that you should teach yourself is to let go (if Elsa from Frozen knows this, then why not you?), so, in her words – Let it go. However, it’s also important that you let go of all the negative and destructive emotions that tear us apart, such as pain, anger, bitterness and resentment. As we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, is it really necessary to still linger and waste so many precious moments on reminiscing about things from the past? How will this make you a better man, you ask? Well, it’s certainly going to make you better to yourself.

Be One With Nature

Everything’s eco-friendly now and this is the time to use this in order to help you become a better and more conscious person. Embracing nature is always a good thing, as it’s not only humane, but also quite healthy. So what you should do is take up a nature-based hobby that’s right up your alley. For example, even though it sounds dull and monotonous, bird watching is an excellent activity and you only need a set of good binoculars – just try it once and you will see how many different kinds of birds live all around you. You’ll definitely feel more thankful and you’ll appreciate your existence even more.

Travel And Meet New Cultures

How can traveling help you become a better person? Well, in order to know what else there is in the world, and to understand how each and every one of us is different, you should organize a trip to a distant country. Choosing a small country in Asia or Africa, for example, will do the trick – you will get to see some of the most amazing sceneries (each corner of the world is worth exploring) but also merge with the locals and get to know them and their culture a bit more.

Go Big On Compliments

Do you remember the last time someone complimented the way you look or praised the way you did your job? Now try to remember the feeling – this is how everyone around you should be feeling, and it’s your part-time job to make that happen. Saying nice things doesn’t hurt, but it will only make the day of the person you’re complimenting. This doesn’t mean that you should approach a stranger and tell them you like their clothes – you have plenty of colleagues and friends who might simply need to hear those words. Be generous with compliments – you deserve them and so do all the people around you.

Be Less Judgmental

Are we all judgmental from time to time? Guilty as charged! Does that mean we don’t have to be conscious about this behavior? Definitely not, and we should do whatever it takes to lessen it over time. What many fail to understand is that every single one of us is on a different journey and on a different path, and that there’s no space for other people’s judgments. Nobody is greater or lesser than any other, and the sooner we understand that, the better we will become.

After all, being a better person is probably the best New Year gift you can give yourself, and that’s what you should do. Try some of these tips and you will see that not only will people appreciate you more, but you’ll feel incredible and better.

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