3 Compelling Reasons Why A Straight Guy Can Spice Up A Gay Relationship

3 Compelling Reasons Why A Straight Guy Can Spice Up A Gay Relationship


Are you and your partner willing to let a straight guy spice up your relationship?
Are you and your partner willing to let a straight guy spice up your relationship?


No fairy tale ends with a sad story and that’s probably the same reason why they are just tales. But in reality, most, if not all, of us are looking for the “perfect” someone who can be with us through that happily-ever-after thing. And I just wondered, is it possible for us gay men to reach that stage especially I monogamy has been an issue for most of us?


I have been looking for that “solution” or for that that ultimate tip that I can use to make my present relationship with my partner last for the rest our couple life. I know there are plenty of temptations we gay men face. So much that these temptations are present especially when you are happy with the person we love. I have always known, and the lesson from my parents’ broken marriage, that monogamy is the foundation of every relationship.


Monogamy nowadays is as threatening as going to a clinic to have your self-checked for HIV. It’s quite daunting that you know you need to undergo it but the stakes are high.


I have a good friend whose relationship with his partner I really admire the most. They are now on their 8th year celebrating their companionship. I asked him what made them last that long since I want to follow their footstep. He told me that they are loyal to each other, emotionally, but they have consent from each other to let a third party, strictly straight, to enter their relationship, sexually.


At first, I was at lost. I think that having someone enter a relationship between the two of you will give rise to conflict. Although he pointed out and emphasized that the third party must be strictly “straight.”


Here are top three reasons why you can go with a straight guy to spice up your relationship while keeping the commitment just between you and your partner.



1. You will have a security that there’ll be no emotional attachment.


Aminin man natin o hindi, there are plenty of straight guys na naka-try na ng bading. Or probably the correct statement can be marami ng bakla ang nakatikim ng straight. And just by merely looking at it, most gays I talked to before said that some straight guys give in to such “trip” since (1) their girlfriend doesn’t know how to do her “job” and (2) they’re enticed with the money they get that they either use for poverty or material gain. So after you do the “do” there’s no strings attached because you and your partner (as a gay men) are aware that there is nothing possible for you with the straight guy but just pure lust and him (the straight guy) will go back to his old ways and live a life of a straight guy. And the cycle just continues.


2. No jealousy between gay lovers


My friend said that he is proud about what he and his boyfriend agreed to in having a straight guy/s in their relationship just for fun. He is said, it’s like lesser of two evils. They’d rather do it with a straight guy (not a bisexual or another gay since there might be feelings that might grow from sex and will lead to problems with the original couple) than to cheat. “At least, mag-kasama kami and sabay kami sa ginagawa namen so walang inggitan kasi I am doing this or doing that without him,” my friend said.


3. Straight guys serve as foreplay for gay lovers to establish even stronger emotional and sexual relationship.


They say, when couples do things together they are able to grow at the same time. But does it also apply when they have sex with a straight guy in a threesome? Well, my friend said that straight guys are actually one of their fetishes. And after they do it, they feel horny and they both “release” their horniness with their partner. What are left? A satisfied pocket and dick of a straight guy, a fiery longing satisfied of gay men in search of new dicks to taste and a couple whose relationship is strong enough avoiding actions that might break them apart like cheating.


I am not really open with this option but my friend gave me a compelling reason why it can be a last resort. But for you, do you agree with his points?


3 Compelling Reasons Why A Straight Guy Can Spice Up A Gay Relationship

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