Watch — Son Hurting His Aged Mom At Victory Terminal Cubao

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Watch — Son Hurting His Aged Mom At Victory Terminal Cubao


May is the month when we celebrate Mother’s Day. And regardless if you love your mother so much or otherwise (for some other reasons), it is a day that we must all take note especially the sacrifice of her giving birth to us.


But not all mothers get flowers, warm hugs, cards, sweet text messages, and surprises from their children during Mother’s Day, or even for quite some time, to say the least. While browsing my Facebook newsfeed, I stumbled upon a video from a concerned citizen named Domy Del Rosario with a caption ”Sori po sa nahagip nfmg (ng) camera nagmamalasakit lang pi (po) diko kc matiis panoorin ba (na) sibasaktan (sinasaktan) ang nanay na to. Pls share.”


Watch the video here:





I tried to watch the video and aroused a certain emotion that I never felt before disgust to the man that it makes me cringe with so much anger.


The 7-minute and 15-seconder video showed a man (in which Mr. Domy claims to be the son of the poor aged woman) harshly maltreating his mom when people around do not seem to notice and the man doesn’t seem to care as to what he’s doing.


This video makes me cringe that I cannot find the way of being neutral to present the two sides of the story (as what this blog has been doing). The story was obviously right in front of your eyes that an old woman, a mother, is forced to sleep forcibly by his son who doesn’t seem to care less about the age and condition of his mother.


To this man, I hope and pray for all these things to happen to you:


  1. That one day your hair will turn from black to gold to white and be beaten by one of your children in public that will make you as useless as rust;


  1. That one day you will realize that the pain that you inflicted on the ragged body of your mother is nothing beyond compare to the pain when she brought you to this world and the sacrifices she needed to face to make you have your own wings and strength that you used to even beat her;


  1. That one day your bones will be as strong in your prime years to withstand being tossed and pushed from a plastic chair and legs being stretched without hesitation;


  1. That one day you’ll grow old and look back to what you did to your mother when your mother was silenced with noise from within and without.


I may not know what the story might be behind the behavior of this son, but it will never change how the anger was aroused in me especially for someone like me who has great respect for mothers. I hope and pray that the mother in this video is still OK. Call me OA but this video is just so damn sick!



Watch — Son Hurting His Aged Mom At Victory Terminal Cubao

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