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Top 3 gay parodies for Sia’s Chandelier

I am an addict for songs that have relevance to what the society’s hymn is being played. Besides, who doesn’t? And among the many songs that pop out every now and then, there’s probably a song that will make you LSS-ed and research the song lyrics. And that’s the same thing that happened to me when I first heard the song “Chandelier” by Sia.


But apart from the lyrics of the song, one will definitely be swept away with the music video it released. An 11-year old ballerina dancing furiously in a manner you wouldn’t be able to guess what’s the next flip she’ll make or poker face she’ll show. I really find it genius. If you haven’t seen it, then indulge it here:




But for those music videos that have reached the zenith of popularity, we can never do away with some parodies that will certainly make us laugh so hard. So let me show you the top 3 parodies for Sia’s “Chandelier” music video.


Note: I chose these videos considering that these could be 9or could be not) gay men. if so, then hurray! if not, then I just hope their gay. LOL

Top 3 Parodies for Sia’s “Chandelier”


Top 3 gay parodies for Sia’s Chandelier



If Sia’s song will probably be made into a music video with the “literal” meaning attached to it, then this video will pass the bar. Chandelier song is all about a journey of a woman and alcoholism. I find it funny in a good way because of his sexy video. Nice body, nice lip synch and A for effort for the props and all things were done made to make this video. You go, girl!




If not for his funny expressions, I wouldn’t really consider this a parody. Damn, he so great and precise with his moves! The acrobatics, the split and the grace, all those things are close to perfection. Add up his nice butt and voila, one will turn quite hard. LOL. Another thing so commendable was the setting. The house is quite big and really nice. I can even pass it out as a dream house. 😉




Now this is what a call a parody. I can’t help but smile in the whole duration of the video. At first glance, you will mistake the setting with the original one in Sia’s music video. But it’s not. Look out for the grace once he twirls and the falling scene where he needs to plunge over a sofa. That’s really funny.


Which one did you find best? you can also post your top parody for this song right in the comment section. 🙂


1, 2, 3.. 1, 2, 3 Drink!


Top 3 gay parodies for Sia’s Chandelier



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