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Do You Have A “Pot Of Gold” At Your Rainbow’s End As A Gay Man?


Personally speaking, I find it hard to think of me planning for the future as a gay man. I don’t see myself having a family of my own or adopting. And perhaps that is the same idea that majority of Filipino gay men have out there. Add to the fact that our community fails so much when it comes to dating that having a lifetime partner is quite a far-fetched idea.


But if there is one thing that I am quite sure about us, gay men, is the fact that we are always the “icon” making the world a happy place to live in, a constant support for our family, a force to reckon with in the workforce, and the rainbow after each and every storm.


But could we still expect a pot of gold in our rainbow’s end when we are nearing old age and without having a family of our own compared to what our straight counterparts have? And what about the family that we will leave, our parents and siblings, especially if we are the breadwinner? Isn’t it that we made our lives better not just for us but for the family that we always have?


Obviously, our life can be paralleled to a seesaw. And we are all playing in the game that we call uncertainty. Check this out:


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  • The Breadwinner provide the needs of the family. LIFE is balanced.
  • What if something happens to the Breadwinner? Who will take care of the family? Are they protected financially?
  • We recommend an instrument called Life Insurance that in the event of death, the family have the financial security and continue their comfortable lives.


And if there is one thing that I am proud to do as a gay man, apart from blogging positively about HIV awareness and LGBT issues, is to get life insurance from Sun Life of my own at the age of 24. Many don’t think the importance of it until a later time. As early as now, I am preparing not just for myself but also for the ones that I love… it may be my family, my future business venture, my future partner, or the favorite charity that I have.


Let’s all create not just a happy place of rainbows for being gay men. Let’s leave a legacy of pots of gold at every rainbow’s end through life insurance and let’s make life brighter under the sun. Let’s accept it, it’s quite hard already leaving the world. And let’s not burden the love ones that we are going to leave so much. The question is, are you ready for tomorrow?


Allow me to help you. Apart from being a Licensed Financial Advisor, we can talk more about being gay, rainbows, and happiness.


Send me a message at the popped box on your right side and let’s start from there.


Sincerely yours,


Joemar A. Belleza

Your Pink Man And Lifetime Financial Advisor


Do You Have A “Pot Of Gold” At Your Rainbow’s End As A Gay Man?

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