Bakla Po Ako: Awrahan 101

Bakla Po Ako: Awrahan 101

Gay men have more chances of hooking up compared to straight guys. Thanks to the “awra” tools or flirting techniques that have been developed in the many years that we have been living in the discreet closet of gay public flirting. Yes, at times it can be challenging to flirt but it’s truly rewarding to get the fruits of it.


(Awra is a gay Tagalog gay linggo term which means “flirt.” Bakla po ako, so alam ko ang mga bagay na ganito. wink)


So here are some of the “awra” tools that gay men can use to hook up.


Stray the gym.

Sabi nga nila, ang gym ay pugad na ng mga bakla. And let’s admit it, going to the gym will not just make you look hot but it will also give you avenues to flirt with other well-built gays—and sometimes guys. It can be your starting point of building yourself up and building a lasting relationship with someone or just hook-ups.




Follow your instincts.

You’ll definitely know if another gay guy likes you or not just by looking at his body language. There are some verbal and non-verbal cues that you can depend on to verify your gut. But for the most part, follow your instincts. Be straightforward and be prepared for the answer.



Be presentable.

This.Is.So.Self.Explanatory. I don’t think there’s still a need for us to discuss this one when it comes to success in flirting. Obviously, the majority of gay men are tagged as “metrosexuals.” According to Wikipedia, metrosexual is a neologism derived from metropolitan and heterosexual who is especially meticulous about his grooming and appearance, typically spending a significant amount of time and money on shopping as part of this. Also, a metrosexual “might be officially gay, straight or bisexual.”  After all, our eyes usually prefer good-looking guys, right?



Have your sense of humor polished.

Human as we are, we have an affinity to happiness. And most of us are drawn to people who make us laugh or have a sense of humor. And using your sense of humor at a different level, say flirting, can actually get a good result. Besides, humor helps you flirt.



Know “Awra 101.”

One flirting technique might work for me while it doesn’t for you. Thus, flirting indeed entails a trial and error process. So don’t be afraid of trying out new things. You will surely learn which flirting technique will best fit for you.



Be positive.

There’s no sense in lingering on the flaws that you have. Nobody’s perfect, anyway. So instead of frowning about your big eyes or your height, focus on the features that make you stand out. Always be positive.




As “kings of sex” (I don’t know if you’ll take it positively or otherwise), we always want to be touched. It can address someone a sense of security or just a brush of lingering affection that can grow in the long run. You can rub the back of your “tipong guy” or sweep your hands to his. Hugging can also be quite considerable to show how much you are interested in him.



“The 5-second gaze.”

Staring at someone for about 5 seconds denotes two things: either you want to kill that person or you like him. For this instance, we are considering the stare that flirts and can generate something long lasting or just long “lusting.” If he returns the same gaze that you have, then it’s a sign.






Bakla Po Ako: Awrahan 101


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