Angkas Lady Rider: My Crown Is A Helmet

angkas, lady river, international women's month,, lady rider philippines

I would like to cap off this Women’s International Month celebration with this appreciation post to my Angkas rider yesterday, Lilibeth.

Yesterday, I have no choice but to ride Angkas from Ateneo Rockwell going to UP Diliman. I only have 1 hour to use to be on time for my finals in UP after my class in Ateneo Rockwell.

When I booked on Angkas, I didn’t notice that the rider was a lady. It only came to me that she was when she sent me a text message.


angkas, lady river, international women's month,, lady rider philippines

My initial reaction was to cancel the booking. I don’t want to stake the inconvenience of a lady rider carrying an 80-kg, 5’9” gay man along EDSA. But I was also scared that I may not be able to get another rider once I cancel and I will be late for my finals. So I proceeded with the booking.

When she came, the first thing I asked her was if she can carry me as a back rider. She said of course. I was still thinking twice about it. Then I told her that I need to be in Diliman before 1PM for my finals. She said she can do it. I hopped in and prayed that everything will go well.

Since I cannot review my notes as a back rider, I decided to interview Lilibeth. She was happy to share her story. She is a mother of two and one of her child (I wasn’t sure if her son or daughter) is graduating this Monday with a degree in Criminology.

She has a sari-sari store and her husband is an OFW. She was once a Grab driver but said that Angkas is more profitable. And she can’t see herself just staying at home attending to her store. Hence, the reason why she’s into Angkas.

I apologized to her that I doubted her initially as a rider. It made me realize how sexist I was and how ironic for me to think that way as a gay man. A gay man who also pushes forth for equality. She said it was OK.

We arrived in Diliman 30 minutes before 1PM. She said I still have time to review or take my lunch. She has this motherly aura that I always look up to my mom. I asked if I can take a photo of her and she obliged.

To Angkas, I would like to commend you for empowering women to drive their own way towards a noble profession of driving people safely and on time. You deserve a pat on your back.

To Lilibeth, thank you for not just seeking to be equal with men but paving a new path for you and other women to show “girl power.”

Some people think that a woman should always have a crown on her head. Some, like Lilibeth, proves that her crown can be a helmet.

Happy International Women’s Month!

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