5 ways to live positively despite being HIV positive.


5 ways to live positively despite being HIV positive


It’s not cool. And the stigma around people living with HIV has been so loud and clear in the Philippines. No wonder, apart from the personal battle these people are living in, they need to live in the realm of negativities of the people around them. But being HIV positive can also be lived in a positive way. Here are five things that you might consider doing.


5 ways to live positively despite being HIV positive


5. Be your own best friend

While telling other people your real status might be a liberating move, there are some who will not understand. It might even jeopardize the confidentiality of your status. So people living with HIV (PLHIV), for the most part, confide only with their closest friends or their partner (if they have). But it is very important that you make yourself your own best friend. Besides, if you will not take care of yourself, nobody else will better than you do. You know the pain, the sorrows and the sacrifices you need to make each and every day. So always cheer yourself up!

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Own Best Friend




4. Always think positive thoughts


You can’t really do away with negative thoughts especially when you are stressed, pollution in EDSA is so obvious with the dark fumes from buses, and better sleep is so far-fetched because you are thinking too much. And the easiest way to escape is to frown and just think that sooner you will die (but that is the reality of all lives, right?). But the effort of thinking negatively from its counterpart is just the same effort. Yet, their effects are far way distant. You can actually fool yourself to be positive by just thinking all pleasant things that empower you to live your life more. It can dream of being a writer, a TV personality or just the picture of your happy family. Remember, the effort is just the same. Choose wisely.




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3. Always smile


Smiling has been known as an effective mood lifter. And it’s one of the finest yet free merchandises we can use to relieve the strains of our emotions. I also read an article that says that if you smile all the time, you can trick your brain that you are happy. At times, not only those people living with HIV are carrying a load of problems. There are those who have cancer, those who are broke and those who have just lost a loved one. But life shouldn’t stop there. There are plenty of things to laugh and be happy about and the best way to do that is to start it with a smile.



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2. Dance to a happy song


It has been said that life without music is like a body without a soul. Music can really bring out so many emotions. And the best that we can get from music is the motivation that they can give us in just 3-4 minutes of playback. Aside from smiling, you can lift up your mood in an instant through music. Try out Pharrell’s “Happy” and you might get the dose better than an ARV. Or why not “Just Stand Up” by the many famous singers like Beyonce, Mariah, Rihanna, etc. belting out for you not to give up?



1. Leave it up to Him


Whatever happens, happens. So don’t stress yourself too much risking a decrease in CD4. I always believe that we are just doing our role in a replay with what God has long-gone in stored for us. And besides, everything happens for a reason. The important thing is that you are still alive today and you need to be positive all the time because your life is already pre-written by God.


Living with HIV is not a hell lived on earth. It’s just a state of mind that you need to encompass with a positive attitude. People living with HIV is not a battle between you and a deadly virus, instead, it’s you between a deadly mindset.


5 ways to live positively despite being HIV positive

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