5 Fabulous Honeymoon Destinations for Gay Newlyweds

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We were living in the dark for so long. Then we were banned from ever getting married to the person we love. And now things are slowly changing. Yes, gay marriage is legal in many parts of the world (even though we will not stop until it’s legal everywhere!). So if you happen to be living in one of the “lucky” places, then not only will you have to plan your wedding ceremony and party, but the honeymoon as well.

And, frankly, gay culture is indeed important. Hence, we tend to always pick destinations that are unique and interesting – we will not settle for anything else. But how to be more interesting than other people, especially if you have no idea where to go? Take a look at some of the destinations where you could spend your romantic honeymoon and also be the #couplegoals couple on Instagram:

Experience A Great Island

Apart from Bjork and the Northern Lights, there is nothing extremely popular about Iceland. At least that is a general opinion. But the truth is, Iceland is an amazing country that has to be discovered. Spending your honeymoon in Iceland is a great way to be original and exciting, but to also spend a romantic vacation in a great country. The best way to play this Iceland game is to start from Reykjavik, the capital, spend several days there, rent a car and do a tour of the island, finishing with looking at the Northern Lights. If you opt for accommodation options such as Airbnb, you can choose amazing housing options and have a very authentic trip with your loved one. Iceland is also very gay-friendly, so you will feel very welcome.

New York City, baby…

If you’re not from the USA, or if you’re from a different state, then New York City might be an amazing idea. The Big Apple is a place with so many different options, that it is practically impossible to have the same honeymoon as somebody else. If you’re from another continent, or if you want to experience the USA at its best, you can also opt to have a small road trip before arriving at your destination. For example, going to Montreal and then taking a bus from Montreal to New York is a great way to experience this part of the USA in the most authentic way. Once in NYC, you can either choose to enjoy its rich LGBTQ life or be a tourist and see the must-sees.

Hobbiton in Person

Next up, there is always the option of going to a peaceful part of the world and simply enjoy the fact that you married your lifelong love. New Zealand is the place to go if you love nature and you want some peace and quiet. You can either choose to go to Auckland and see what the capital has to offer, but you can also see what villages you can go to and feel the authentic rural life that every Kiwi loves. If one of the two of you is a Lord of the Rings fan, then this simply has to be the destination for your honeymoon, as Hobbiton was, in fact, filmed here.

The Rural Britain

London is a very popular tourist destination for both regular holidays and honeymoons. But the United Kingdom has so many different places to offer. So you really do not have to settle for London. One option would be to visit Scotland and enjoy some of the most beautiful and historic parts of this country – you can also opt for an Outlander tour and visit all the important places that were featured in this amazing historic drama (yes, it was filmed on so many beautiful locations that they made a tour out of it). If not Scotland, there are other rural cities and places in Britain that you will enjoy.

This is how you throw a party in Mykonos

If you know this sentence and where it is from, then we know how much you like pop culture and parties. So why not make Mykonos your honeymoon destination? True, it is not the most peaceful place, but if both of you like partying and beautiful people, and your budget allows you – this might be the perfect honeymoon for you. Mykonos is the greatest Greek party island, and it is definitely for a good reason – the sunrises and sunsets on the beach are amazing, and these are also the locations of the best clubs on the island! Not to mention how LGBTQ friendly this place is.

There are so many places where you can go and spend your first trip together. Of course, first of all, you will have to think about what kind of trip you would like – a party one or a quiet one and start from there. May you have a great one!

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